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Meet Ally Edwards

Since 2016, Ally has dedicated herself to the real estate industry. She spent the very beginning of her career as a real estate investor which has served her tremendously with clients. Her passion for client service is truly inspiring as Ally has made it her mission to provide an amazing experience for her clients buying or selling their home that they have the confidence and comfort required to refer her to their friends and family members who are also looking to make a move. Ally is also a certified probate specialist which has helped her to truly understand the complexity of real estate probate here in the state of California. When interviewed about her philosophy on client service and helping families get their home sold, she said, “ I believe that the process of moving can be one of the biggest transitions we’ll make in our lives and it’s something I don’ take lightly. I am 100% committed on getting the most money for my client's home all the while ensuring they have a world-class experience throughout the entire process.” Ally continues to build her business and is focused on helping homeowners maximize the equity when selling their home. She will often refer to herself as the “Equity Protector”. With her emphasis on marketing, leadership, and commitment to client service, Ally’s goal is to provide the very best options to consumers who are thinking of selling their home by focusing on three things; selling the home for the highest price; ensuring clients walk away with the most money in their pocket; and providing an experience that is superior to anything else available in the marketplace.

I have streamlined the process of buying or selling a home to make it easier for you! I have built a team of industry experts to make sure you have access to local home inspectors, contractors, interior designers, service providers, property managers, lending professionals, title and escrow companies, painters, gardeners, plumbers, electricians home warranty companies and more to provide you with the best service possible!

My Commitment to You

1. I will always provide you with expert advice and consulting so that you’re able to make the best decision for yourself and your family.

2. I will always be 100% forthcoming about the price of your home, its condition and what it will take to get it sold.

3. I will always give you the truth regardless of the situation.

4. I will always do what is right for your best interest.

5. I will fight to ensure you get the most for your home in the right amount of time.

6. I will always use the most effective strategies to market your home.

7. I will always communicate with you pro-actively.

8. I will always return your phone calls, e-mails, and text messages with urgency.

9. I will pro-actively spend every day aggressively searching for qualified buyers for your home.

10. I will never lock you down to a long-term contract.

I am dedicated to providing the most up-to-date market data in the area. I am a caring, knowledgeable professional and I will work tirelessly to help you with the home buying and selling process. 

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