Probate Information

REALTORS WHO UNDERSTAND THE PROBATE COURT SYSTEM realize that the baby boomer generation, one of the wealthiest generations ever, will pass their great wealth to their heirs. CNBC reports that this “Great Wealth Transfer” is estimated to be around $68 trillion dollars; and 80% of it involves real property. Issues of probate are now commonplace as statistics show that only a very low percentage of Americans have a living trust in place. Even when someone has a trust, there might be an asset that is left out, and that asset will likely be submitted to the probate court system. REALTORS who are familiar with the probate process will have a huge advantage over those who do not. We learned how important short sales were in the collapse of the 2008 economy. Learning to become comfortable with probate and trust procedures, is a skill that will help carry my clients through any future economic down-turns.

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